Monday, July 14, 2008

A $20 tip?!?!

So can you guess what the highlight of my day was? Yep thats right, some dude gave me a $20 tip for installing a mini-pump on his bike that he had bought from the shop where I work. The owner of the shop also had to call the cops today on an irate customer. It was quite possibly the loudest yelling match I have ever heard while at work. Well, then again, there were some pretty good yelling matches back when I loaded tractor trailer trucks at UPS. lol I also ordered a large amount of items from the nutritional products heading of a distrubutor for the shop. Power bars, shot blocks, gu's, recovery mix, and accelerade with electrolytes turbolytes, powerlytes: more lytes than my body has room for. Yep, you guessed it, I got it Rawberry flavor cuz its made with lightning; real lightning!

Well I have run out of Oxi-Clean for my laundry so I must go to sleep.

Stay fly.

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