Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road of the mullet?

So, I can only venture a guess that the road race I did today was named for a road which was named for a horrendous mullet. The Ronde Van Mullica Road Race as it was dubbed started way to early in the morning (7:30 for the 3's) which meant that I had to get up at 5am which is not fun for me since I tend to sleep til 8:50 normally. I set 4 alarms and woke to the 2nd one, pretty good for me since I didn't realize that all my state kits suitable for a RR were dirty until about midnight the night before and thus got 4.5 hrs of sleep and hanging my clothes up to dry. Anywayz, the field siz was about 32 which meant a very tough race (cuz it was small enough that I could make them all hurt. LOL). I mentally noted a rider that I have noticed as fairly strong in the last couple of races. The course was a ten mi loop on a fairly flat loop with a rolling to uphill last 4 mi and the rest was pretty fast. Things got started pretty early. About 4 mi in, several attacks and bridges joined up to form an ill-fated group of about 9 riders. which was caught at the very end of the 1st lap. then about 3 mi later the rider I was watching attacked with a rider that I recognized from the super fast group ride in Philly. I thought to myself, "Dang son, that's some horsepower. You should be up there." I listened to my inner voice and moved toward the front and prepared to catch the next train to pain town. Sure enough, within two mins a rider attacked and I jumped on his wheel. A group of 5 broke away and bridged up to the 2 riders. Now 7 strong (or 5 strong and 2 weak as I would put it), we pushed the pace and had a minute gap by the end of the 2nd lap. Then one guy started to sit on. but he had a large team in the field so we let him be. We got a 1:30 gap by the end of the 3rd lap and then dropped our 7th rider. The gap was up to 1:40 by the end of the 4th lap where we dropped our 6th rider that had been sitting on. We hit the gas and grew our lead to 2:55 by mile 46. Then in the last 4 miles everyone just kinda stared at each other, while I stupidly kept pace after looking back, seeing the field, and incorrectly beleiving them to be quite near. Needless to say I was the last of the 5 to cross the line, but I was in the money($40), got 3 more upgrade points (now have 19 of 25), and learned a valuable lesson: If your strength is not sprinting, you should not wait for the sprint. And I need to work on unleashing my inner werewolf aggression at the proper times.
Then I had to go to work where I was given a RedBull and another mechanic got a $12 tip. Hooray!

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