Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You'll Never Take Me Alive

So I am trying to decide whether to start this whole blog deal with an intro kinda thing or with the new stories from this weekend (the Fitchburg race report). Let's try the intro...

Well, for starters, I'm originally from Jacksonville, NC. Lived there for my junior years, then went to NC State in Raleigh, NC where I attempted to be the worst college student possible. When that didn't work I conformed and graduated......6 years after I started. I am now in Philadelphia for the summer, refusing to start life in the real world. Currently I am working 20-25 hrs a week in a bike shop in Suburbia Hell, NJ while riding my bike and racing as much as possible. I am subletting a room in the 10-bedroom UPenn Swing Dancing Troupe house. I bet this place gets absolutely wild during the school year (just guessing from the amount of empty alcohol and wine bottles on display downstairs). I found new things up here that I enjoy like soft pretzels and riding recklessly through Philly traffic, but I miss the NC State Cycling Team something fierce (not to mention double pacelines that have less than a 10mph difference between the speeds of the two lane). This summer I have temporarily put the ongoing quest to become more uber badass on hold, while I search for adventure, random oddities, and possibly candy mountain.

I will leave you with a video that both inspires and perplexes me:

Stay tuned....

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Rumblestillskins said...

I'll take you. alive please.